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Natural Language Processing – A Game Changer for Normative Reasoning in the Legal Discipline? – IFF-HSG Working Papers

Are computers better in understanding what justice and fairness means?
Not yet, but they will soon be a lot faster in detecting normative statements and they will soon even be able to rightly classify these statements in line with the main normative theories of justice such as Rawls’ A Theory of Justice, Utilitarianism, Libertarianism or other theories.
This has been one of the last bastions of (exclusive) human power.
For the legal discipline it even means that computers will soon be able to assess whether authors argue in a normative form and to what extent they follow one of the theories mentioned above.
This will likely be a game changer and could even bring more objectivity into the legal discipline.
Here are some first results – of course concerning “tax” justice and “tax” fairness

Autor: Manuela Leuenberger

Datum: 6. September 2021